Saskatoon Welcomes New Edo Japan Restaurant

New street-front restaurant to bring fresh Japanese cooking and sushi to Stonebridge.

Edo Japan (Edo), one of Canada’s leading fast casual restaurants, opened its doors in the neighbourhood of Stonebridge, Sask., on May 30, 2015.  The new restaurant is the third location in Saskatoon and the first street location in the city. Situated in Stonebridge, one of the city’s newest and most vibrant communities, the new restaurant will provide fresh and delicious cuisine to customers located in south-central Saskatoon.

For more than 35 years Edo has provided patrons with hot, fast and delicious food, prepared in a traditional Teppan-style. Edo is recognized for its popular dishes including Sukiyaki Beef and Teriyaki Chicken, both of which are topped off with the signature Teriyaki Sauce. In addition to its signature dishes, Edo offers diverse meal choices including yakisoba noodles, Udon Soup, and other delicious creations. The new restaurant will also offer patrons a full sushi menu including beef rolls and dynamite rolls, made fresh.

“Stonebridge will make a perfect home for the new Edo Japan restaurant,” said Raman Randhawa, Edo Japan Franchisee. “There has been a lot of excitement for the opening and we appreciate our customers continued loyalty and are excited to now offer another location.”

Edo has been very successful in the Saskatchewan market and continues to grow as customer continue to seek simply better choices. In addition to restaurants located in shopping centers, Edo has continued to introduce street front locations, which will include the Stonebridge location.

“Edo Japan has a strong presence across Saskatchewan with the new Stonebridge restaurant marking our ninth location,” said President and CEO, Tom Donaldson. “As we continue to expand we look forward to establishing a presence in great growing communities and sharing our passion for Simply Better food and excellent service.”

The restaurant is located at #70, 214 Stonebridge Boulevard. For more information please visit

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