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ROLL + 2 sides

Sushi Bento

Available now!

Not feeling the Teriyaki today… have Sushi. Try the Sushi Bento. Choose any 8 piece roll* as your main meal choice + add any 2 bento sides to make it a complete Sushi Bento Box.
Try it today – our best value bento.

*8 piece roll selection varies by location

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Ramen soup
Udon soup
Wonton soup
Ramen & udon soup

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Pork Wontons OR Beef, Chicken, Shrimp

Introducing Pork Wonton Soup

Available now!

We have added to our soup options. NEW mini pork wontons go perfectly with our veggie mix and hearty broth to bring you a meal in itself. Choose ramen or udon noodles. Delicious. Need we say more?

Edo’s Famous Teriyaki Sauce

Available at participating locations

How many scoops would you like? How many bottles? 1, 2, or more? We know you love our Teriyaki Sauce - millions do. And now you can take it home in a bottle. Add a little more, use it in other dishes and as a sweet and tangy marinate it’s the edo taste that’s good anytime.

Buy 3 bottles with your order and save.

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