New Fresh Salads

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Available: June 9, 2021

Fresh greens, sizzling proteins and your choice of dressings.

The greens are a bed heritage blend lettuce. We add chopped veggies and shelled edamame beans. You choose Grilled Chicken or Glazed Salmon. Your salad is topped with a crunch and your choice of either Miso Ginger or Teriyaki Ranch dressing.

Try one today… your Grilled Chicken Salad at $10.95 or the scrumptious Glazed Salmon Salad for $12.25.

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Introducing AHA™ Sparkling Water

Available: June 9, 2021

Natural flavours / no sweeteners / no calories / no sodium

AHA’s flavored sparkling water is about familiar flavors in unexpected ways. Refreshingly new. We pair it with a Chicken Bento box for a fresh flavour forward experience. Get it for $15.00* Combo price.

* Plus applicable taxes, deposits, levies and fees. At participating locations. For a limited time only. Products must be purchased together to qualify. Single units at regular price. Not valid in conjunction with any other offer. The trademarks that appear are the property of their respective trademark owners.

Edo’s Famous Teriyaki Sauce

Available: January 1, 2021

How many scoops would you like? How many bottles? 1, 2, or more? We know you love our Teriyaki Sauce - millions do. And now you can take it home in a bottle. Add a little more, use it in other dishes and as a sweet and tangy marinate it’s the edo taste that’s good anytime.

Buy 3 bottles with your order and save.

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Earn tokens for every order over $15. Six tokens and you get a free meal.