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From bento box to donation box

This holiday season you can help support those in need simply by ordering a bento box, because $0.50 from each bento purchased from Nov 9, 2022 to Jan 3, 2023 will be donated to local food banks. Since 2013, Edo Japan has proudly supported food banks in the communities where we operate through our annual holiday promotion, with more than $650,000 donated to date.

Double the freshness. Double the goodness. Order a Coca-Cola beverage with your bento box any Monday in December and we will double the donation ($1) to our local food banks.

Bubble Tea

Bubble Tea

Pick from 3 refreshing flavours.

Bubble Tea

Available now!

Sip up some bubbles today and choose from our 3 refreshingly tasty Bubble Teas including Brown Sugar Boba, Milk Tea, and Passionfruit Green Tea. Add extra pearls or coconut jellies for a minimal charge.

Gift Cards

Gift Cards

Grab an Edo gift card this holiday season.

Gift Cards

Available now!

Here’s the gift that’s easy to give and get. It’s not just a gift card, it’s a Bento Box, a Teriyaki Meal or a Sushi Platter.

Pick up a gift card at your favourite Edo location, order online or visit your local retailer.



Chicken Bento Nestea

Enjoy A Meal + Beverage

*Only available on delivery and the My Edo App.

Introducing Our Quick Picks

Available now!

Popular pairings that include one meal and beverage.

Edo’s Famous Teriyaki Sauce

Available at participating locations

How many scoops would you like? How many bottles? 1, 2, or more? We know you love our Teriyaki Sauce - millions do. And now you can take it home in a bottle. Add a little more, use it in other dishes and as a sweet and tangy marinate it’s the edo taste that’s good anytime.

Buy 3 bottles with your order and save.

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Free Rice meal on plate

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