Our Signature Meals

We serve Japanese-inspired teppanyaki-style meals, made fresh and by hand with our signature teriyaki sauce.

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Bento box meal

Bento Boxes

Enjoy your favorite Edo dish. Served with your choice of two sides including gyoza, spring rolls, tempura shrimp, California rolls, dynamite rolls, beef rolls, and sea salt or sesame chili edamame.

Teriyaki chicken meal

Chicken Teriyaki

Perfectly grilled chicken with broccoli, carrots, cabbage, and mushrooms. Served with rice and topped with Edo’s signature Teriyaki sauce.

Easi platter meal

Easi Platter

12 pieces - 4 California rolls, 4 dynamite rolls, 4 beef rolls. Plus your choice of edamame or 3 avocado and 3 cucumber rolls.

You can also order at:

Princess Street

Edo Japan Restaurants Ltd.

412 Princess St

Kingston, Ontario


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