Karate Bowls

Unforgettabowl Fire

Try new Karate Bowls with a spicy kick of Gochujang sauce, rice, premium veggies, and your choice of beef, chicken, shrimp, salmon, or vegetarian. Ask for an extra scoop of sauce if you’re a hot sauce lover. Watch our unforgettabowl videos of others who share a love of flavourful heat.

You're UnforgettaBowl

Try our new Chop Chop Bowls. Perfectly grilled chicken, beef, or crispy tempura shrimp, with rice, raw veggies, and Bulgogi sauce. Have unforgettaBOWL memories? Watch these videos for inspiration and share yours using the hashtags #unforgettabowl and #ChopChopBowls

Simply Unforgettabowl

Made with skinny noodles, premium veggies, and our signature sauce, Noodlefull Bowls are simply unforgettabowl. Do you have memories to look back on? These noodle fans have oodles of memories. Watch their stories.