Pair a meal with 2 sides to make a Bento Box. Our fan favourite teriyaki rice meals are even better with a couple sides. Try Teriyaki Chicken with crunchy veg spring rolls and savoury gyoza to make it a Bento Box.

Chop Chop

Have you had one of our Chop Chop Bowls? They’re filled with freshly chopped raw cucumbers, carrots and red peppers on rice. Try a Tempura Shrimp Chop Chop Bento Box with Edamame beans and fresh California rolls.


Skinny noodles, teriyaki sauce, 5 types of veggies and perfectly grilled sukiyaki beef make up the Beef Noodlefull. Make it a Bento Box by pairing any Noodlefull meal with delicious gyoza and our golden fluffy tempura shrimp.