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Teriyaki Chicken

Per Serving 0 G

teriyaki chicken
Calories 0
Fat 0 G
Saturated 0 G
Trans 0 G
Cholestrol 0 MG
Sodium 0 MG
Carbohydrates 0 G
Fibre 0 G
Sugars 0 G
Proteins 0 G

Party Platter

A fresh and delicious hand made sushi platter that will satisfy and sized group. Choose from our Nigiri Platter (18 Pieces), Maki Platter (31 Pieces), Banzai Platter (32 Pieces), Hanguri Platter (46 Pieces) or Edo Platter (80 Pieces)—all made fresh using delicious high-quality ingredients. It's a healthier takeout alternative that will make your next gathering simply better.

party platter

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