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Try our NewGLUTEN FREETeriyaki Sauce

Made with Tamari, (a Japanese sauce with balanced flavour) instead of soya sauce, this Gluten Free option is just as tasty as our original Teriyaki sauce. Now everyone can enjoy the great flavour of Edo.

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Preparing your meal is key to


Starting with a clean grill area, we steam your meal then provide your Gluten Free sauce on the side. You can be confident you are getting a true Gluten Free experience when you order from Edo.

Teriyaki meal

Where can you try this


Currently, our new Gluten Free Teriyaki Sauce option is only available at our Lethbridge and Red Deer locations. HOWEVER, when it becomes available across the country, we will announce this exciting news through our e-newsletter. Sign up now so you don’t miss out.