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some roll changes
We're all getting used to the new normal. That means some roll changes for us and for you. Let's do it together and we'll continue to provide you an experirnce that's Yummishi.

Your Roll

Wear a mask while in the restaurant unless seated to eat or drink. In some locations this is now a by-law. Even if not mandatory, a good practice to get into for the safety of others and yourself.
Social Distancing
Follow in-store social distancing signage to help make your visit a good experience.

Our Roll

All Edo staff are wearing masks while in the restaurant.
Plastic Shields
Shields have been installed in front of all pay andor dering areas.
Hand Sanitizer
We are upholding stringent handwashing, cleaning and sanitization practices. Hand sanitizer stations are available for guests inside our restaurants.
Self-service condiments and utensils have been removed and are only available upon request.
New cups available for complimentary re-fill for fountain drinks.
Social Distancing
Social distancing signage is in place to remind us all to distance.
Restaurant Numbers
We are limiting the number of guests in our restaurants at one time to allow for more social distancing.
Contactless Payment
Contactless payment options available - credit, debit but cash still accepted. Order and pre-pay in advance on the myedoapp.

We ate Edo Japan. thank you being part of our community and practicing your roll - as we do ours.

Let's "Be healthy and happy and enjoy our teriyaki!"